Nayland student to represent NZ in trade challenge

00:00, Jun 21 2014

Nayland College student Ben Seelen is off to represent New Zealand in Hong Kong at an international trade challenge.

Ben is one of six New Zealand secondary students who have won a place on the Asia-Pacific final of the FedEx Express/Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge.

The New Zealand group will go to Hong Kong in August and compete in pairs against students from other countries.

Ben won his spot after competing in the Global Enterprise Challenge last weekend in Auckland, along with about 80 other students, including Nelson College students Rees Vinsen and Harry Fergusson as well as Garin College student Paige Thomas.

The 12-hour challenge focused on global issues, the students had to design an innovative exhibit that can be used to inform communities, government, and the media about the benefit of family farming.

His team won the first challenge, then went on to a second challenge where they had to sell a fish-based product to Japan.


While his team did not win that challenge, the team decided to put him forward for the third and final challenge where he was given 10 minutes to put together a proposal on an icecream business, and then had to field questions on it from the judges.

It was an "anxious" night waiting while judges deliberated over who would be going to represent New Zealand in Hong Kong but the morning announcement was "a proud moment".

He hoped to make good connections while in Hong Kong.

He planned on studying commerce at university next year, and saw himself running his own business in the future.

The Nelson Mail