'Abhorrent' mall flasher sentenced

01:02, Jun 26 2014

A British man has been ordered to do community work after he was caught indecently exposing himself to young women in Richmond Mall.

Samuel Adrian Gillard, 24, is in New Zealand on a working visa.

On May 30 he was seen exposing himself to groups of girls in the mall. The court heard the man was looked for reactions and did so out of "sexual frustration".

The Nelson District Court heard that Richmond Mall management caught him as he indecently exposed himself to a group of Waimea College girls.

Judge Tony Zohrab said Gillard's behaviour was "abhorrent to say the least."

Gillard had indicated to lawyer Luke Acland he wanted to stay in New Zealand.

Zohrab said he expected the man's behaviour was "hardly going to encourage immigration people to let you stay on a fulltime basis".

He sentenced Gillard to 80 hours community work and said he needed to consult with his GP and see if there were any mental health issues that needed to be addressed.