Final delivery ends 33-year career

00:40, Jun 26 2014
 Dr Janice Jolly
END OF AN ERA: Christel Greyling, left, with Dr Janice Jolly, who holds the last baby she delivered, Evette Greyling, during her one-week checkup.

Evette Greyling was the "lucky last" baby to be delivered by Nelson GP Janice Jolly.

After 33 years of delivering babies, Jolly is hanging up her forceps in the hopes of getting some sleep.

It was passion and a love of babies and families that kept Jolly delivering for so long, while other doctors left it to midwives.

While she will continue her GP practice, she was tired of the sleepless nights and restricted travel that delivering babies caused.

While she would miss the babies, Jolly said she would not miss being on call 24/7 and having to plan trips away well in advance so she would not miss any births.

Despite the newfound freedom, Jolly said she felt "really sad" that she would not be delivering Nelson's babies any longer.


"It's a great privilege to have, to share such happy times with people. It provides a nice balance to the sadder part of GP work."

She estimates she had delivered more than 3000 children over the last 33 years. And there had been babies of some of her earlier babies delivered.

She said she would miss the relationships she created with the families through delivering the babies.

Mother Christel said she was happy to have Jolly deliver her "lucky last" baby.

Born on June 18, Evette was a "wonderful birth", Jolly said.

Evette's older sister, Estelle, 16 months, was also delivered by Jolly.

Greyling and her husband De Wet were from South Africa and said it was normal to have a doctor deliver a baby there, so they wanted to do the same in New Zealand.

De Wet said he liked Jolly's manner when she was delivering his children, and in the follow-up care.

"She was quick to crack a joke and make light of things."

Jolly told her patients about a year ago her intentions to give up on deliveries.

She said one woman joked that after hearing the news, she went home and got pregnant, as she wanted to ensure Jolly would deliver her child.

Jolly is planning on heading off, guilt-free, on holiday for a month to see her children in Melbourne and London.

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