Flooding muck closes kindy

01:16, Jun 27 2014

A Nelson kindergarten will be closed until at least next week, as suspected sewage-contaminated floodwater filled the playground after Wednesday's deluge.

The Victory Square Kindergarten on St Vincent St was closed yesterday after water potentially contaminated with sewage flooded through the playground and equipment storage areas, Nelson Tasman Kindergarten Association chief executive Trish Casey said.

"So because it's a kindergarten and we're dealing with young children, we have to go through quite a strict environmental process to ensure there is no contamination in the playground."

The situation was being assessed to ensure the environment was safe to work in, and then contractors would be brought in to dig out all the bark and sand and replace them with fresh materials.

The playground was "a bit of a mess", and it would be quite a big job to fix it up, Casey said.

Parents were turned away when they turned up on Thursday and teachers would be communicating with them as the cleanup progressed.


"I imagine for some, it's probably difficult, for others, it might just be a few days at home," Casey said.

"But it certainly turns everybody's plans upside down when things like this happen."

Excavation was weather-dependent, so timing on reopening was uncertain, Casey said.

"But we're hoping we'll make significant progress over the next few days.

"Everyone is doing what they can, we've had lots of people involved, but we've just got to make sure it's safe."

If the kindergarten could not open Monday, contingency plans would be considered to accommodate the children who attended Victory Square, Casey said.

The kindergarten building itself was unaffected by the flood, and there was insurance for flood damage that would cover the work to be done on the playground.

The Nelson Mail