Parking free - but tickets still flow

00:58, Jul 02 2014
parking warden
TIME'S UP: A parking warden on the job in Haven Road yesterday.

Parking wardens issued 67 tickets on the first day of Nelson's free parking trial.

A 12-week trial of free parking in the central business district began yesterday to encourage shoppers "to enjoy all the city has to offer".

However, the free parking is only for the applicable time limit on the car space, to a maximum of three hours.

Yesterday three wardens were on duty and issued 67 infringement notices, and 32 warnings for expired warrants of fitness or unlicensed vehicles.

A council spokesperson said the public should enjoy the free parking that was on offer but needed to remember time limits still applied.

The exception is the central area of Wakatu Square which remains as all-day paid parking, while the one-hour parking spaces around the edge of the square are free.

However, this morning workers trying to pay for the parking found the meters rejecting their money. Some had left notes on their dashboards saying they had tried to pay.

The council spokesperson said today there was a meter fault that the contractor was working on fixing. The council would not do any enforcement until the meters were running again.

Meanwhile, Marlborough District Council is watching Nelson's free parking trial with interest and plans to release a discussion paper on parking on July 15.


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