Gas leak fear at Natureland

One woman was taken to hospital after a report of a gas smell at Nelson's Natureland zoo but no gas leak was found.

Senior station officer Gavin Scott said Nelson Fire Service was called after a report of a smell of gas yesterday and three people feeling light-headed. Two crew in breathing apparatus used a gas detector but could not find anything that could have created the smell.

One woman still suffering the effects about an hour later was taken to hospital, he said.

Some birds were removed from the area but were unaffected.

"Considering three people were feeling the effects it was rather peculiar," he said.

Natureland owner Mike Rutledge said there had been a smell of something in a service area next to the aviary and they took a precautionary approach by calling the fire department. The alert happened at 3.45pm when only two members of the public were there, and they were escorted out.

The staff member taken to hospital was fine and back at work today.

The Nelson Mail