More of the same for bookstore

01:00, Jul 12 2014
Ann and Peter Rigg
SOLE CHARGE: Ann and Peter Rigg are the new owners of Page & Blackmore.

Book-lovers can relax: New Zealand's best independent bookstore, Page & Blackmore Booksellers, is safe.

Peter and Ann Rigg make up half the foundation team of two couples who started the popular Trafalgar St store in 1998. 

They announced yesterday that they planned to buy out their counterparts, Tim and Susi Blackmore.

Page & Blackmore went up for sale in March, causing a flood of concern from book-lovers in Nelson and beyond. 

Peter Rigg had at that time expressed a wish to retire, while Tim Blackmore had found it difficult to maintain involvement in the business since being diagnosed with cancer some years ago.

While waiting for a buyer to come along, Peter Rigg had a change of heart.


''A good friend of mine accosted me in the street and said, 'You're too young to retire!'"

He said he felt a renewed passion for the bookselling business after attending an industry conference where he previewed books to be sold at Christmas, and was very relieved after telling a crowd of well-wishers that he and his wife were taking over the business.

"There was such emotion and hugs all round, and I thought, 'Oh, thank goodness'.''

Ann Rigg said she and her husband had such a good working relationship with the Blackmores that buying the other couple out had simply never crossed their minds. She said Peter Rigg had been doing much of the  work as buyer for the last few years anyway, and agreed that the time for his retirement had not yet come.

''I kept thinking, 'What is he going to do?'''

Manager Stella Chrysostomou has agreed to stay on, and there will also be no changes in staffing. The Riggs are inclined to retain Page & Blackmore's current sign as well.

''You don't fix something that isn't broken.''

The Nelson Mail