Sting awaits boy racers

01:00, Jul 14 2014

Boy racers will see the boot of Nelson police after reports of escalating behaviour.

Area commander Inspector Steve Greally said "a handful" of youths were involved in boy racer-type behaviour, particularly in rural areas. He said police would be cracking down on the anti-social and dangerous driving, as they did two years ago for Operation West, which saw several youths arrested and a dozen cars seized.

"Operation West was extremely effective," he said. "We'll be using those and other tactics for this operation."

He said there had been an increase in public reports of boy racing, and skid marks at intersections were a tell-tale sign.

"Boy-racer activity can lead to disastrous consequences. We want to prevent that from occurring, and save these young people from themselves in terms of their poor judgments at times."

He encouraged people to keep reporting the behaviour: "Don't get involved, but note the date, time, place, and number plate."

There was no obvious reason for the spike, but he said "there are people coming into the age group who weren't there during [Operation West], so it's timely we refocus".

Despite the term, both men and women were involved in boy racing, he said. He wanted to emphasise boy racers were just a small population of young drivers. "Most young people drive carefully. I don't want to tarnish all young people."

Boy racing was not as much of a problem in Nelson as it was in other centres, he said. "But one person doing donuts is one too many."


The Nelson Mail