Power cut good news for consumers

21:38, Jul 14 2014

Network Tasman is once again handing out discounts to its 38,000 consumers, cutting a standard power bill by $176.

The consumer-owned electricity distributor covers all of the Tasman district as well as Stoke, Tahunanui and Atawhai, with Nelson Electricity having the remaining 9000 consumers in the city area.

This latest discount round will total $8.16 million, up from $8.04m in winter 2013, and take the total to over $118m since the scheme's inception in 1994.

Chief executive Wayne Mackey said the discount was achieved against a backdrop of the company delivering reliability of supply and sound growth. It had also committed $13.5m towards network maintenance and new investment over the last year, and expected to provide another discount in December.

Mackey said almost all consumers would get a discount at 2.2 cents on each unit of electricity consumed over the past year. Someone using 8000kWh would get a discount of $176 against their August power bill, compared with $170 last year.

All consumers with an active, metered Network Tasman connection as at midnight on Friday this week are eligible, regardless of their electricity retailer.

Nelson Electricity is a separate lines company and its consumers don't qualify.


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