Hone lives to fight another day

02:34, Jul 15 2014
CAMP HONE: Lewis Stanton’s camp site outside the Nelson courthouse for the latest of his frequent appearances.

Lewis Stanton has won another court battle but is waiting for the next to hear if he has to serve jail time.

Stanton, also known as Hone Ma Heke, had an assault charge dismissed in the Nelson District Court on Friday, and was feeling confident yesterday about his upcoming court case.

Stanton, who was represented by Jessica Herd, said the assault charge was dismissed as there were no strikes thrown and he was defending his property. Under the Crimes Act those defending their property "by the use of reasonable force" are protected from criminal responsibility if "he or she does not strike or do bodily harm to the other person".

"This makes a clear statement to shopkeepers and others who wish to interfere with my gear that they don't have the right," Stanton said.

He was back at court yesterday, having camped in front of the courthouse with his horse Barney. Another court date was set for July 28 for a decision on his failure to do a community service sentence.

In March Stanton was sentenced to 400 hours community service hours for failing to pay $50,000 in fines, including parking payments to the Nelson City Council.


When sentenced then the judge told him he would go to prison if he failed to do the community service.

Stanton said he did not think he would go to jail for failing to do his community service because he did not plan to enter a plea.

"I'm not here to enter a plea. I'm here to put a stop to the corruption. I'm not going to be a paying victim," he said.

He has refused to pay parking fees for his horse and cart and now owes about $119,000 in infringements.

He said there should be more support for those who wanted to live alternatively outside of the "capitalist system" where people seemed to only care about money instead of people.