Who's winning the bread wars?

00:58, Jul 21 2014

As supermarkets go to war over the price of bread with Countdown and New World selling a loaves for $1 and Pak 'n Save getting down to 89 cents we ask shoppers if it impacts on where they choose to buy.

Ryan Chatles, outside Countdown in Stoke:

No. I sort of change from Countdown to Pa k'n Save. I find Pak 'n Save is cheaper overall so I normally go out there, but we live locally so if it something that I need quickly I come here. Bread is cheap enough as it is and we always buy the budget stuff that is normally $1-$2, so 50 cents doesn't make a difference to me."

Nick Rangi, outside Countdown in Stoke:

"Definitely. If it's under $1 and I was buying bread, heck yeah, I would definitely go to the supermarket with the lowest price."

Bruce Haycock, outside Pak 'n Save Richmond:


"No. I go to Couplands because they have the sunflower and barley bread and it's nice and nutty. It's about $2.99 there, but I always have wholemeal bread and I've tried them all, but I find that is the best lately."

Janette Schwass outside Pak'n Save:

Yeah, it does, because I usually get my bread from Couplands because they have four for $5 and you can't get cheaper than that usually, but I bought it from here because they have dropped it to $1. It depends on what bread it is because some bread doesn't keep as long in the cupboard when you take it home - it can be going off the next day and I'm not happy about that. At least you can have the Couplands bread for nearly a week before it starts going off."

Diane Bennett, outside Pak 'n Save holding her weekly bread:

"These were 89 cents. We normally shop at Pak 'n Save, but we don't buy bread there. We usually go to Couplands for bread because it is always four for $5 and it's good quality, I don't know what this [the bread] is like , but I don't care the kids will eat it."

Anne Horne, outside Couplands:

"I always shop at Couplands because I like their bread. The price doesn't really matter I mean shopped here before they dropped their prices to four for $5. I have just always shopped at Couplands because I usually get other bits and pieces as well. I don't just pick up my bread here I pick up my milk here, but I pick up biscuits here and cakes sometimes. It's just really a one-stop place for me."

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