Police warn pranks risk lives

20:22, Jul 21 2014
CLOSE CALL: Steve Bosecke's car narrowly avoided a missile thrown from the Nayland Rd overbridge last year.

Nelson police say a recent incident of objects being thrown from a pedestrian overbridge in Stoke on to a busy motorway serves as a reminder of the potential consequences.

Senior Sergeant John Price, of Nelson said the incident last week where waterbombs were thrown from the Songer Street overbridge were similar to others in recent years, where objects had been thrown on to Whakatu Drive.

This time last year a teenager was charged with endangering transport after throwing a rock at a passenger bus in Stoke.

Price said while some people might think it was fun to throw a waterbomb, it presented a "substantial risk" when dropped on to a road.

"The trauma that could occur as a result of this sort of behaviour is horrific.

"We're appealing to parents to talk to their kids about it because often young people don't see the risk associated with this behaviour," Price said.


He said it was not clear who was responsible for the latest incident and even whether it was a young person playing a school holiday prank.

"People just need to think about the consequences of their actions, and what may be a bit of fun to them, can destroy people's lives."

He said an example of the consequences was the tragedy in Auckland several years ago when a teenage boy who was a passenger in a car was killed after a rock was thrown from the overbridge on to the motorway.

The rock smashed through the car's windscreen and into 14-year-old schoolboy Christopher Currie, killing him instantly.

The Nelson Mail