Unlocked cars make thieves' job easy

02:41, Jul 24 2014

Unlocked cars are making easy pickings for thieves.

In the six months to the end of June, 367 offences involving the theft of property from vehicles were reported to Nelson Bays police. Of those, 44 per cent or 161 offences involved thefts from vehicles that were unlocked or insecure.

Nelson Bays Police are urging the public to lock their cars to avoid becoming victims of theft.

"Lock it or lose it is a very simple message that the police have been pushing for a number of years yet the message doesn't seem to be getting through in Nelson," said Sergeant Craig Barker.

Police were aware that some people chose to leave vehicles unlocked to avoid damage being done by someone trying to break in, he said. "The reality is that thieves would prefer to go for the easy option, which is an unlocked car. They're also much less likely to target your car if there are no valuables in sight and it's difficult to get in."

Most offences had been committed in the early evening and overnight, many from cars in driveways, and commonly stolen items included wallets, purses, money, cellphones and electronics.


The Nelson Mail