Injured horse in stable condition

00:58, Jul 25 2014
 Lewis Stanton’s cart,
TUMBLE: Lewis Stanton’s cart, pictured, was damaged after Barney the horse slipped on Annesbrook Drive. Barney suffered cuts and bruises.

Nelson's cart-pulling horse Barney has taken a tumble on the road, but escaped serious injury.

Barney's owner, controversial vagrant Lewis Stanton, also known as Hone Ma Heke, suspected the fall on Annesbrook Drive yesterday evening was due to new horse shoes.

"He just slipped over as we entered the roundabout," he said.

 Lewis Stanton’s cart,
DOUBLE ACT: Lewis Stanton and Barney the horse are a regular sight on the streets of central Nelson

Barney escaped with sore limbs and bruises, but some motorists passing the scene added insult, yelling "serves you right" to Stanton.

Brook resident James Burnside came to the pair's aid helping Stanton shift his cart which sustained minor damage including a broken wooden shaft. Burnside was disappointed at the lack of help the pair received from the public.

"It was 10 minutes before anyone stopped, everyone seems to have a pretty negative attitude towards them."


SPCA animal welfare inspector Nicola Blasdale said Barney appeared to be shaken from the incident but did not suffer any major injuries.

"At first appearance there didn't seem to be too much wrong with him. He had a few lacerations but didn't appear to be lame at all."

She said the SPCA kept an eye on the horse's welfare.

"The horse is in pretty good condition. Every time I have seen it, it has had adequate body weight. It is a working horse and he works it quite hard. It is used to the work it does. It isn't spooked by the traffic, it's quite used to the life it has. If we felt Barney's welfare was compromised we would be acting."

She said Barney was taken to a paddock in Stoke where he could recover, and she planned to check on the pair today.

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