Make your early vote count: Cunliffe

23:24, Jul 25 2014

The Electoral Commission will announce next month where to vote in advance of election day, with a 17-day period available to all.

During a visit to Nelson this week, Labour leader David Cunliffe urged party members to "vote early" and then make sure others did the same.

"There's not one election day this year, there are 17 election days. You can vote any time from the third of September onwards. I want you to get to the polls as early as you can so that we know you've voted, then I want you to help your friends and neighbours to the poll," Cunliffe said.

Commission communications and education manager Anastasia Turnbull confirmed that information on where to vote in advance would be available from the commission from August 27, and widely advertised from September 3, when voting begins ahead of election day, September 20.

She was yet unable to say how many advance voting sites would be set up in Nelson, West Coast-Tasman andTe Tai Tokerau.

Anyone could vote in advance in their home electorate from September 3, and as was the case with the 2011 election, no special declaration was required.

For people who won'tbe in their electorate or can't get to a voting place on election day, this was the easiest way to do it.

Special voting, which does require a declaration, is available in the usual way to people voting outside their electorate, who cannot get to a voting place in person, who enrol after August 20 or who are on the unpublished electoral roll.

The commission is setting up temporary headquarters for Nelson on the ground floor of a commercial building in Collingwood St, near the traffic lights at the Halifax St intersection. It will be open from August 4.


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