All the world's a stage for Burke

20:24, Jul 29 2014
Luke Burke
GLOBE-TROTTER: Actor and comedian Luke Burke has returned home from a trip to the world famous Globe Theatre in London.

Nelson actor Luke Burke is back from his trip to the Globe in London, slimmer and more enthused than ever on the works of Shakespeare.

After months of fundraising, Luke Burke took his place on the Young Shakespeare Company trip which saw him act on stage at the Globe, attend workshops and learn more about the life of William Shakespeare.

He overcame financial hurdles to meet the $8,500 bill to take his place on the course. He and his family fundraised for a few months and when that hit a wall, he sought sponsorship to lose weight.

It paid off - donations came in from strangers, his family members and through the Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ.

Luke said it was a "full on" trip. Along with 23 others on the course, he attended workshops, tours and performances over three weeks. His highlight was performing the haka on stage at the Globe.

"The haka was the big thing. It is so important to New Zealand and to go over there and do it in a place I was star-struck - it was amazing."


Performing Shakespeare on a stage that was made for that purpose was also a pivotal moment.

The group performed an abridged version of Julius Caesar.

"It was amazing. I've seen it a lot on movies and the first time we walked in there it was all smokey from the show they had just been..and then to walk out that door on to the stage it was amazing - indescribable. There's no theatre like it anywhere."

He also enjoyed visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was from, which left Burke feeling more inspired about his future.

He said he was determined to study acting next year and was to start looking into courses and scholarships.

And later on, Burke plans to perform a play in Maori on stage at the Globe.

"I want to do the whole thing fully in Maroi - especially now since I have met the CEO of the Shakespeare Globe Centre - I think if we get a good company together and perform it right they will definitely love it and take it. That's the dream of mine. I have made a promise to myself to go back there and work as an actor."

Likewise he was resolved to stick with a healthy-eating and exercise plan. His clothes were already feeling looser.

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