Fleeing driver just missed cyclist, hit cars

00:58, Aug 07 2014

Nelson police remain on the hunt for the driver of a car involved in a dramatic high-speed chase from Richmond to Nelson in which a cyclist standing near a cycle lane was nearly bowled and other cars were hit by the fleeing driver.

The incident started about 3pm yesterday when a man stole a blue Holden Commodore from a commercial address in Richmond, Detective Sergeant Mark Kaveney said.

The owner of the vehicle saw it being taken and alerted police. An unmarked police car then followed the speeding car along Wakatu Drive and into Annesbrook.

The stolen vehicle almost hit a cyclist standing beside his bike in the cycleway near McDonalds in Lower Queen St, Richmond, Kaveney said. "He was standing by his bike near the bollards on the entry to cycleway, when the car came flying down the cycle lane and took out the man's bike."

Kaveney said the car squeezed through the bollards and carried on before it "took off" down Queen St and onto the motorway. The detective driving the police car deemed the pursuit to be too dangerous and stopped following.

Kaveney said other vehicles were hit along the route before the driver lost control and crashed in Scotia St. He ran off and is yet to be located.

"We're still working through whether the vehicles hit were parked or stopped and waiting, and whether there might have been more that the driver collided with. We would like to speak to them," Kaveney said.

Police would also like to speak to any members of the public who witnessed the incident and are seeking information to help identify and locate the offender who is described as dark-skinned.

Anyone with information should call Nelson Police, ph 546 3840.


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