Auction bidding puts fun in fundraising

23:57, Aug 06 2014
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COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Carol Pitman and James Hamilton at the Summerset in the Sun, Hospice fundraising lunch at the Stoke retirement village.

A charity auction at a Nelson retirement village is expected to raise around $2000 for the Nelson Region Hospice Trust.

A luncheon for 100 yesterday at Summerset in the Sun retirement village in Stoke had bidders outdoing each other for the $500 worth of goods donated by businesses in Stoke for the mystery auction.

By yesterday afternoon proceeds from the auction had reached $1600 and was expected to reach $2000 by the final count, the village sales manager Carol Pitman said.

She said the mystery auction was a lot of fun with many getting into the spirit of the occasion when they were not sure what they were bidding on.

"The auction was hilarious. We had coupons for goods worth a couple of dollars attracting bids of up to $50. It wasn't about what they took away, but about the generosity of the event," Pitman said.

She said the village was overwhelmed by the charity of the 27 local businesses which had donated goods and services to the inaugural auction, from vouchers for groceries, petrol and hairdressing services to products from florists and a brewery.

Pitman said of the 100 at the luncheon of homemade vegetable soup and fresh baked bread rolls, half were residents of the village and the rest from the community.

Summerset in the Sun had staged the event, and planned to do more of the same, as a way of paying back to the community. It was aware of the valuable role the hospice played in Nelson, she said.

"Everyone had a ball and we'll definitely be holding this annually," Pitman said.


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