Hog-tied cat in search of owner

02:53, Aug 13 2014
Nick Crocker
TIED UP: Nelson SPCA feline manager Carmen Torrance with Sooty the cat, who was found under a tree with a rope tied around his neck. Inset: A close-up view of Sooty's injury.

A long-haired black cat called Sooty has used up one of his lives after being found with a rope wound so tightly it bit into his neck.

The Nelson SPCA wants to find his owner, or a new home for Sooty, after he was discovered injured with the "extremely tight" rope tied around his neck.

Feline manager Carmen Torrance said the rope was difficult to remove

"By the time we got him it had dug right into his neck it was so tight."

Sooty was found under a bush in Parkers Rd by a man who initially thought the cat had been run over.

She said it was a difficult job extracting the cat which was in pain and had an infected wound.


The cat had been very frightened, but as soon as he was freed from the bush and the rope was off he was fine.

The cat was neutered and micro-chipped by the mobile de-sexing clinic on its last visit to Nelson two years ago.

The microchip revealed his name but not the owner.

Staff had visited a previous address for the cat in Kawai St, but it appeared the owners had shifted.

Torrance said there was a number of scenarios of how the rope had ended up around the cat's neck.

The SPCA wanted to reinforce the message that it was not a good idea to tie something around an animal's neck, especially something tight or that did not come loose easily if the animal got caught up.

The SPCA has 17 adult cats looking for homes.

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