Teen hit by truck in stable condition

A 16-year-old girl has head injuries after being hit by a truck on Gladstone Rd in Richmond.

The girl was with her father when she went to run across the road and was clipped by the truck travelling towards Richmond, said St John Ambulance shift manager Mike Casey. The accident happened at 3.45pm yesterday.

She was flung to the ground and landed heavily sustaining significant head, shoulder and chest injuries as well as bruises and cuts to her limbs.

Casey said the girl and was taken to the Nelson Hospital emergency department "in a reasonably serious condition."

Casey said he did not think the driver was physically injured, but there were people there looking after him because it would have been "reasonably traumatic".

Police are investigating and have interviewed the driver, but have not yet spoken to the girl.

A Nelson Hospital spokeswoman said today she was in a stable condition.

The Nelson Mail