Helmet helps schoolboy survive car collision

00:58, Aug 21 2014
Jonny Leckie
WITNESS SOUGHT: Senior Constable Dave Cogger retrieves the smashed skateboard from a member of the public at the accident scene

A Nelson boy was flung off his skateboard after a collision with a car at a busy Nelson intersection while riding into the city in an on-road cycle lane.

The intermediate-aged boy was heading to rugby practice at Neale Park yesterday evening during peak-hour traffic when the accident occurred at the corner of Hampden St and Waimea Rd.

Senior Constable Dave Cogger said the boy was hit by a turning car in heavily congested traffic on Waimea Rd due to roadworks. The skateboarder ended up being thrown onto Hampden St and was not moved until the paramedics arrived.

Cogger said the boy was not in a serious condition, "but he was wearing a very good helmet", and his skateboard was smashed. The boy was taken to Nelson Hospital where he was treated and discharged last night.

Police want to speak to the driver of a red/brown SUV 4x4, which was one of the turning cars, but not the one that collided with the skateboarder.

Cogger said traffic was congested along Waimea Rd because of the time of the day and reminded drivers to be careful and patient when there were road works and children around.


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