Group seeks Rocks Rd compromise

23:24, Aug 21 2014
Rocks Rd
COMBINATION: The Waterfront Association would like to see a mixture of the two proposed City Council options for Rocks Rd.

The Waterfront Association has come up with a compromise for the Rocks Rd redevelopment.

The group has voiced opposition to the Nelson City Council's two concepts for the road - an upgraded footpath and on-road cycle lanes, or a second 4m wide shared cycle and walkway on the seaward side of the road.

The association instead would like to see a mixture of these two ideas.

Spokesman for the group Tim Bayley has proposed a shared and marked 3m cycle and walkway from the Boatshed to the beach and a wider 4 to 4.5m shared and marked pathway from the Plant and Food building to the Boatshed.

The association has also proposed a 1m shoulder on the seaward side of the road all the way along with yellow lines to stop vehicles crossing it and a 1.5 to 1.8m cycle lane on the cliff side the length of the road.

Bayley said the proposal would give room to recreational cyclists as well as commuting cyclists and would provide greater safety.


Bayley looked at 2.7m shared pathway around Tamaki Drive in Auckland and talked to Auckland Roading, which is responsible for the pathway, and a representative from there told him it worked OK.

Under Bayley's compromise all parking on the cliff side of the road would stay as it is now relieving residents and businesses' concerns about the loss of car parking.

The group has also recommended that the historical chain fence that lines the seaward footpath at the moment be restored and placed on a concrete plinth at 320mm.

Nelson mayor Rachel Reese said the council welcomed any feedback from members of the community and would review all submissions and report back later on the year with their decision.

Nelson MP Nick Smith has voiced his views over the matter calling for the Southern Link to first be investigated and designed and the development of the two roads be co-ordinated.

Reese said it was good the local MP was showing an interest in what was happening.

"It's a critical issue for Nelson, it's a big issue . . . I would expect our local MP to have a view. I am not at all surprised about that. He should have a view," she said.

Members of the public have until Monday to make a submission on the concepts for Rocks Rd and Reese expected a range of views from the community on something "as critical as our waterfront" and was seeking feedback from organisations, individuals and anyone else who wanted to share their mind on the matter.

Reese expected a decision on the road's redevelopment would be after the election so the council would work with whoever formed the next government.

"If the National party are in government then that's the time to have the conversation around their urban cycle way package. If another political party is in government then we will sit down with them and have a discussion," she said.

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