Boy racers nabbed in Nelson police blitz

01:48, Aug 22 2014

Five boy racer vehicles have been impounded in a police blitz in Nelson.

The operation, over two evenings, also resulted in five drivers having their licence suspended and one vehicle being "green stickered" for being unsafe to be on the road. Another was "blue stickered", requiring the owner to update registration details.

Two people recorded more than twice the legal breath alcohol limit.

Police say they discovered 39 people breaching the conditions of their graduated driver's licence. A further five received infringement notices for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Eighteen infringement notices were issued for speeding and a further 82 infringements were issued for offences such as expired registration or warrant of fitness, failing to give way and a range of other driving matters.

Nelson Bays Strategic Traffic Unit Sergeant Stu Wright said police would continue to closely monitor boy racer-type drivers.

"There is a group of drivers whose behaviour and attitude on the road is a serious risk to other members of the public and we will take every opportunity to limit their ability drive until they get the message. Cars are not toys and driving is a privilege, not a right," he said.


The Nelson Mail