Off their rockers - and they're just loving it

Shoppers at Fresh Choice were caught by surprise entertainment as a flash mob made up of Off Your Rockers band members burst into song and dance at the store.

The group was fundraising for their over 60s band.

They had applied for a monthly $500 fund that the Nelson Fresh Choice gives to community groups, but to no avail.

The band's founder Robyn Beckingsale "accosted" the grocery store's owner, Mark A'Court in the shop one day asking him if it was because the group was for older people.

He queried what they did and she explained how the choir sung classic rock and general classic tunes.

A'Court told her to bring the group in to perform in the store and the money would be theirs.

So, yesterday 23 members of the choir flashed their stuff.

"It was a great experience for us we've been practising hard for a couple of months," Beckingsale said and the customers and staff responded by singing or clapping along.

"It was really fabulous for us to do and the customers seemed to really enjoy it," she said.

A couple of people shouted out for an encore, but the group had not prepared another number, so they had to leave it there.

It was also a special performance for the band as their musical director Katie Holland was retiring.

"That part of it was a bit sad for us, because she has been with us for five and half years," Beckingsale said.

The group is "actively looking" for someone to take up the paid musical director position.

The Nelson Mail