Reversal of fortune leaves taxi hanging

A Nelson taxi driver had to be rescued after her van was left dangling over a steep wall in the early hours.

The driver had dropped off her vanload of passengers in Moana Ave at 2am yesterday and had been reversing out of a driveway and turning when the back of the van went over a retaining wall.

"One wheel went over and the van could not move, it was teetering on the brink of toppling," said Nelson Fire Service senior station officer Steve Shackleton. "The woman could not get out and kept her foot on the brake and called for help."

The fire crews put a strop from the taxi to one of the fire engines so it could not move and chocked the front and rear wheels.

The woman was then able to get out, although not from the driver's door as the drop was too steep.

A tow truck then towed the taxi out.

The Nelson Mail