Love is in the air for star-crossed couple

20:40, Sep 01 2014
Cody Roach
WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Cody Roach proposed to his now fiancee Rebecca Parker at Cable Bay last week, seconds later a meteor passed through the night sky.

After being crushed beneath a car and surviving to tell the tale, mechanic Cody Roach wasted no time in proposing to his girlfriend.

The universe itself appeared to approve: seconds after his now-fiancée said, “I do,” a meteor-like object flared across the night sky.

The previous day, Roach had been working beneath a car when it fell from its jack-stand on top of him.

He escaped with a few broken ribs and, having cheated death, the 18-year-old decided to propose to his girlfriend of more than a year, Rebecca Parker.

He drove her and three friends to Cable Bay and arrived just as the sun was setting.

“All of his friends already knew what was happening,” Parker, 25, said. “But I had no idea.”


As Parker was taking a photo of the sunset, Roach, who was too sore to kneel, stood beside her and asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

After Parker replied in the affirmative, the couple were treated to a cosmic fireworks display.

“Literally within seconds of putting the ring on, we saw a flash go across the sky,” Parker said. “The whole group thought it was a flare. I clicked straight away, because we hadn't heard anything, it was a shooting star.”

“Oh my God, it was a crazy moment! The universe must obviously want us to know something.”

When Parker, a caregiver, text Roach's mother to tell her the happy news, she replied with a link to a story about Wednesday night's "meteor" sighting.

The low-flying meteor-like object was spotted off the west coast of New Zealand on Wednesday night.

Multiple calls were made to police stations throughout the country about 6.30pm about a bright light in the sky.

There were about 100 postings on the WeatherWatch website describing sightings over New Zealand's western areas from Auckland to Wanaka.

“My partner's mum thought it was a sign,” Parker said. “A lot of people have said it was just crazy and meant to be.”

The star-crossed lovers plan to wed in three years.

The Nelson Mail