Artwork springs up outside school

23:52, Sep 04 2014
Auckland Point School
HIGH FLYERS: Auckland Point School children mark the start of spring and their annual display of their art work near their school on Haven Rd.

Children from Auckland Point School have crafted a fleet of flying birds, planes and butterflies to decorate the road island outside their school.

Each year the school distributes its artwork among the hundreds of daffodils blooming on the island. Acting principal Rachel Couling said that the school had recently been keeping an eye on the flowers as a daffodil thief was making off with them almost as fast as they could grow.

Teacher aide Georgina Mattson said the students had made their sculptures after studying the theme of flight. The smallest children looked at birds and butterflies and the eldest learned about the history of aviation with the Wright brothers. The middle set had been studying planes and hot air balloons - one child interrupted to explain that they had made model hot air balloons, but they all caught on fire during the testing phase.

The school has also been practising for a flight-themed production, "Flight of the Kiwi". It involves a kiwi bird who wants to go on holiday, and the trials and tribulations of his search for a passport, tickets and gear.


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