QSO award for Suter art gallery trustee

Relative Nelson newcomer Hugo Judd is among the latest in the country to be made a Companion of the Queen's Service Order.

The Suter art gallery trustee is retired from a diplomatic career, which included an ambassadorial role in Moscow, and a position for 11 years as official secretary to the governor-general.

Mr Judd, who could not be reached at his Mahana home, has worked for many years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in a variety of roles, including that of ambassador to Moscow and then Vienna, and as chief of protocol and head of public affairs.

Mr Judd retired from public service in 2004, when he became a Suter trustee, and is active in fundraising for it.

Bishop Suter Art Gallery Trust Board president Sari Hodgson said Mr Judd had owned a house in the Nelson region for a number of years, and was a frequent visitor before moving here.

She said Mr Judd was appointed a trustee after he applied with "very impressive" credentials. "He has been a diplomat most of his working life. He is a very good person."




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