Chocolate online meets need, not craving

01:33, Mar 06 2009

Nelson couple Gordon and Nicola Munro reckon they have one of the best part-time jobs ever, travelling the country in search of really good New Zealand-made chocolates.

The couple have launched a website-based business selling chocolate from what they consider to be the best chocolatiers in the country.

Mr Munro agrees that the idea of selling chocolate online will seem slightly strange to those who purchase their chocolate on impulse to satisfy cravings.

However, he says it has worked better than expected, and the website has been steadily gaining momentum since its launch in early December. They took $2000 in sales in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, he says.

"The customers we are looking for are more people looking for chocolate for special occasions, who can delay that instant gratification."

He says the business had some big names among their first orders, including deputy Prime Minister Bill English, who ordered boxes for his staff as Christmas presents.


The couple don't hold stock, collecting orders and placing them directly with the chocolate companies they work with, who courier the goods out to customers.

Mr Munro says the chocolates travel well, although they have had to educate couriers about handling the product, ensuring they don't leave it in the sun.

"We've had nobody come back and say they [the chocolates] are melted."

He says the website has five top chocolate makers signed up so far: Bennetts of Mangawhai, de Spa Chocolatiers, Devonport Chocolates, Kerstiens of Nelson and The Gourmet Icecream Co.

It is adding new products and chocolates all the time and is considering other ways to expand the business. For more information, visit

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