'Stop the Asian Invasion' row in city

Political activist organisation the Right Wing Resistance has supporters in Nelson.

The head of the RWR, Kyle Chapman, said today although he had not met any of the supporters, some had already distributed a "few hundred" pamphlets urging people to "Stop the Asian Invasion" in Nelson.

The pamphlets have been distributed in other cities, including Christchurch and Auckland. The group is being investigated for the campaign, and police say the group's actions could lead to racially motivated violence.

Mr Chapman, who is the former National Front leader, said the group was recruiting new members and didn't care what other people thought.

"We want to be a political activist organisation, not a political party. We are looking for people who are like-minded to us – we are not interested in changing anyone else's point of view."

He denied the group was made up of white supremacists. He said that label was made up by the media to alienate the group from society.

The group's website says the RWR is an "organised unified resistance movement against mass immigration, the dilution of our European culture and pride, and the current multicultural agenda created by the current government networks designed to destroy our colonial rights and identity". The website says the group's primary purpose was to recruit like-minded individuals and groups into an organisation of active men.

The group's Facebook site has 43 fans.

Mr Chapman told the Nelson Mail this morning that although the RWR had supporters in Nelson, nobody had become a member yet.

"We have supporters in just about every town and city in New Zealand."

The fliers were distributed in Nelson a few weeks ago. Mr Chapman had not met any of the RWR's Nelson supporters yet but they had requested the fliers through the website.

Nelson Bays acting area commander Inspector Ross Lienert said he was not aware of any complaints in relation to the distribution of the pamphlets.

Police were concerned the campaign could lead to racially motivated violence, police Asian liaison officer Raymond Wong said.

The police would not hesitate to prosecute anyone who committed or incited violence, especially if it was racially motivated.

"Some in the Chinese community are deeply concerned about these racist flyers and have taken their worries not only to the police but also to local Chinese radio," he said.

Police are investigating whether the campaign constituted a criminal offence.

Mr Chapman said the leaflet was part of a recruitment campaign and not designed to threaten Asian recipients, it was reported.

Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said it was despicable but not much could legally be done about the flyers.

He had had at least five complaints from Christchurch and the suburbs of Northcote and Pakuranga in Auckland.

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