Psychics spark renewed interest in unsolved murder

Nelson police on Wednesday were sorting through telephone messages left after psychics on the television programme Sensing Murder delved into the unsolved murder of Kevin O'Loughlin.

An Australian and a New Zealand pyschic said on the show on Tuesday night that they believed police knew who had killed the Nelson carpenter. One took the film crew to where they believed the murder weapon had been hidden.

Mr O'Loughlin, 30, was found stabbed to death at the Hardy St entrance to Montgomery Square in the early hours of May 2, 1993.

The case is Nelson's only unsolved murder, and still has detectives working on it.

Senior Sergeant Tony Bernards of Nelson police said on Wednesday morning he had arrived at work to find several messages, and by 9am had already taken a phone call from a member of the public in response to the show.

Detectives would listen to the messages, contact people where necessary and sort through any new information.

Tasman district crime manager John Winter said detectives did not known what the Sensing Murder psychics came up with until watching the programme Tuesday night.

He said it was particularly interesting that both pyschics came up with the same unusual name of a man they believed to be very important to the case.

The name was not disclosed during the show, so detectives still did not know what it was Wednesday morning.

Mr Winter said he had not been in touch with the show's producers, but expected them to be in contact with information such as what the name was.

Both psychics said two brothers were linked to the murder. Mr Winter said detectives had collected DNA samples from brothers who had not been eliminated from the investigation.

However, he said he could "put to bed" the suggestion that police knew who the killer was, despite both psychics believing this to be true.

Police have never found the weapon used to kill Mr O'Loughlin, but one of the TV show's pyschics took a camera crew to a Richmond area where she said it had been dumped.

More would need to be known about the area and what state it was in in 1993 before searching there, he said.

Mr Winter said detectives were treating what the show's psychics had said with open minds, and looked forward to receiving more information from them.

Police still believed that someone knew who killed Mr O'Loughlin, he said.

The Nelson Mail