A goddess appears on school lawn

20:21, Aug 09 2011
wings over victory
NEW ADDITION: Victory Primary School acting principal Wendy Taylor watches as Room 1 pupils take a look at the sculpture Wings over Victory that has been placed in the ground beside the community centre.

Victory Primary School students were delighted to find a goddess in their backyard when they arrived at school on Monday.

A gold-winged pole sculpture – Wings over Victory – was mysteriously planted at the school grounds at the weekend.

Board chairwoman Helen Watson said the school approved the sculpture from an anonymous artist, "but we never quite knew when it would happen".

She said the school was pleased to be able to add some public art to its grounds alongside the Railway Reserve.

"It has had lots of really different reactions – it is quite provocative."

The sculpture is an interpretation of the famous Greek statue Winged Victory of Samothrace of the goddess Nike, which is housed at the Louvre.


Mrs Watson said Nike meant "victory" and the original statue conveyed action and triumph.

"It is a fitting statue for Victory Primary School."

She said she had an inkling of who the artist could be, "but they want to remain really anonymous".

Acting school principal Wendy Taylor said the children were excited about the sculpture.

"I do not think they quite knew what to make of it, but it certainly provoked excitement.

"They just ran up to it and hugged it. I think they love the rainbow spirals and the wings."