Mainland Television to grow channels

Now terrestrial digital television is on air in the Nelson region, Mainland is planning to introduce new terrestrial digital channels, including its current channels, alongside Freeview.

Mainland director Gary Watson said digital television could be delivered by satellite and through a ground transmission network, digital terrestrial television.

Those watching Mainland's new digital service would need only a digital/analogue television that could receive the digital signals or a terrestrial set-top box as most existing Mainland viewers already had a UHF antenna that could receive both digital and analogue UHF signals, he said.

There would be several options for watching digital television in Nelson, Sky and Freeview satellite (which do not carry Mainland yet), Freeview and Mainland terrestrial and television via the internet "if you have a fast enough connection", he said.

If viewers already had Sky or Freeview satellite television they could also watch Mainland and high definition digital television using a UHF antenna.

"When Mainland adds its digital service it will continue with its current analogue TV channels for a period to give everyone time to change to digital."

The on-air target date was November 30 but that might change. Viewers would be kept informed through the media and Mainland's website

The Nelson Mail