This is hobbit country

The Pelorus River is to feature in a scene from the first of the two Hobbit movies, showing barrels plunging down the river during a perilous journey undertaken by Bilbo Baggins and the dwarfs.

The production company for the film, 3 Foot 7, had to apply to the Marlborough District Council for a resource consent to film at the river in December.

The company had already done an initial survey of the area and supervising location manager Jared Connon said they received a warm welcome from the Pelorus community.

"It is a unique location, rich with beautiful scenery, wildlife and history and it's a privilege for us to work there," he said. "We will treat it with the utmost respect."

Crew involved in the shoot are expected to travel to the Pelorus River from Nelson each day.

Canaan Downs at the top of the Takaka Hill and north-western Golden Bay is also set to become hobbit country, but Tasman District Council communications manager Chris Choat said 3 Foot 7 had not applied for any resource consents in the Tasman district.

The Nelson Mail