Dinosaur musical earns special mention

00:52, Nov 30 2011

Nelson playwright Gaelynne Pound and musician Kath Bee have received national recognition for a children's play they wrote together.

I've Got a Dinosaur in my Backyard was shortlisted from 75 entries in Playmarket's annual Plays for the Young competition.

Playmarket is an agency and script advisory service for New Zealand playwrights.

I've Got a Dinosaur in my Backyard got a special mention at an awards night at Downstage Theatre in Wellington last week.

Mrs Pound wrote the play, a musical with a large cast, to accompany songs by Ms Bee.

The play tells the story of a boy who discovers a dinosaur in his backyard.


The boy and his mates help the dinosaur, Rex, find its way home and they overcome different fears along the way.

Stoke School performed the play in July, with a cast of more than 200 children – after principal Pete Michener snapped it up.

Playmarket script adviser Jean Betts said it was a "lovely little play", shortlisted with 12 others from a pool of 75 "mostly excellent" submissions.

Mrs Pound, a private speech and drama teacher, said she was "pretty rapt" with the play's special mention.

"I'm constantly writing little things for my students – poetry and short stories – but this is the first full-length play that I have written," she said. "We never dreamt it would be this successful. It's still sinking in."

The pair are working together on another children's play, which was in its early stages. "There seems to be a huge market for really good children's plays."

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