Hobbit cast, crew mass for filming

Help us spot the hobbits.

Secrecy continues to surround The Hobbit as film crew and cast members return to the Nelson region this week.

Production company 3 Foot 7 publicist Ceris Price has declined to reveal anything about this week's activities or allow media access to filming locations where The Hobbit's biggest stars are expected to be.

Famous faces such as Martin Freeman, Orlando Bloom, James Nesbitt and Stephen Fry are part of a 400 to 500-strong crew that is in the region.

A smaller contingent of about 150 crew members spent a week in the region last month filming at Canaan Downs on the Takaka Hill and other scenic places like Kaihoka Lakes and Mt Owen.

A crew member told the Nelson Mail that the Mussel Inn in Onekaka was popular with crew members after long days – working from 4.30am to 7pm most days.

A reporter and photographer from the Marlborough Express went hobbit hunting at the Pelorus River last Friday.

They found sets prepared for a scene featuring the Pelorus River, where barrels will plunge down the river during a perilous journey undertaken by Bilbo Baggins and the dwarfs.

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