Rain puts early end to Hobbit

00:11, Dec 15 2011

The Hobbit film crew are pulling out of the Nelson region due to lousy weather, but it is highly likely they will return next year.

Production company 3 Foot 7 publicist Ceris Price said it was too wet for filming, so they were leaving.

"We were relying on beautiful weather. It's just a real shame, because everybody loves Nelson. We have been having a lovely time here, but the weather in the last couple of days has made it very difficult. It's time for a Christmas break," she said.

Ms Price said it was "extremely probable" they would return to film at Canaan Downs next year.

The film crew packed up and left the Pelorus Bridge campground in a hurry last night. Campground manager Stephanie Neal said a team of workers were removing a scaffolding structure – a walking platform – from near the Pelorus River this morning.

"They were supposed to be here until Saturday, but they have pulled the plug because it's so wet. They certainly wouldn't be able to film in this weather," she said.


"It's raining, the rivers are up and it's dirty brown. We could be in for another big flood."

Campers were evacuated from the campground's 35-site back camp on December 28 last year as heavy rain deluged the site. "It's looking like it's starting all over again," she said.

Ms Neal said The Hobbit film crew lost 20 wooden planks down the river when it rained last week.

At the Milton Chalet Motel in Nelson, 14 crew members were checking out today.

The Nelson Mail