Flying `ambulances' rescue three

A Nelson boy was transferred to Christchurch Hospital with serious internal injuries after falling from a trampoline, following two other accidents yesterday, in which a Nelson man lost control of his three-wheeler bike, and a tourist fell down a bank.

Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter pilot Tim Douglas-Clifford said a young boy was transferred from Nelson Hospital to Christchurch Hospital by helicopter at about 6pm yesterday.

The boy had come off a trampoline and suffered serious internal injuries that needed specialist treatment, Mr Douglas-Clifford said.

Earlier in the day, a 43-year-old man fell off his three-wheeler ATV near the mouth of the Turimawiwi River in the Kahurangi National Park.

He was picked up by Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter at about 1.45pm, and was treated at the scene by an St John intensive-care paramedic for moderate injuries to his lower spine and pelvis.

The helicopter then headed to Farewell Spit to pick up a 67- year-old German man who slipped about 12 metres down a grassed bank on the track to the Farewell Spit lighthouse. He was treated for a dislocated ankle. Both patients were transported to Nelson Hospital.

Pilot Tim Douglas-Clifford said the day's work was a good example of how important the newly operational BK117 helicopter was, in being able to carry two patients and save valuable time and resources.