Overseas demand for skin cream

01:00, May 15 2012

A Nelson-based skin-care company will soon be selling its products overseas.

Oxygen Skincare's owner Alana Riley is heading to London this week to meet with a distribution company which has already secured an online retailer for her brand.

She also has appointments with other interested retailers in Britain and mainland Europe.

Oxygen Skincare was started in 2009 after Riley's sister-in-law was terminally ill with breast cancer. She wanted to make a cream that was free from harmful chemicals, so as not to interfere with treatment.

The move to distribute Oxygen overseas was an important milestone for the company, Riley said. "The last three years we've been approaching everybody else; now people are beginning to approach us."

Keeping track of milestones was important, she said.


"You remember all those firsts. The first time we were in a magazine, that was like, `wow'. Then we were in National Business Review, wow. The first time I saw it on the shelf, I said `Wow, that's my product!'."

Oxygen Skincare now has placement in 70 stores nationwide.

Although the move overseas will open doors, Riley said she had no plans to move the manufacturing from its current location in Christchurch.

She also plans to retain head office in Nelson. It was important keep things in the South Island, she said.

Riley credits the quality of the product for the business success. "It's a fantastic product. It works ... that's the thing, it works. We're getting hundreds of testimonials from mums saying `Oh, my god, this stuff works so well for my teenager'."

All the products were chemical-free and had "no nasties" in them, she said. "Anyone could create a brand or product, but it's about getting people back. We want them [the customers] to come back and buy us again, we want them to love us."

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