Protesters call for mayor to quit

About 30 protesters gathered outside Nelson City Council headquarters in Trafalgar St yesterday, calling for Mayor Aldo Miccio to resign.

The first-term mayor, elected in 2010 on the back of his election to the council in 2007 as part of the Hands Up ticket, has been held up as the figurehead responsible for a string of failures, including last weekend's trouncing at the poll on whether to introduce a Maori ward to Nelson city.

Mr Miccio was adamant earlier this week he would not resign when the gauntlet was laid down by campaigner Jim Cable, who circulated an email following Saturday's defeat at the poll saying that if the mayor "does not see fit to tender his resignation from office"' a public protest would be held outside the city council offices in Trafalgar St today at 10.30am to demand it.

Mr Miccio has said all along that decisions made were never his alone, but belonged to the council which was doing its best and that the "constant complainers and whingers" who were calling for him to step down needed to find something else to do.

Opinion poll

The online opinion poll asking whether readers thought Aldo Miccio should resign was removed by the Nelson Mail due to irregular voting patterns.