Sexy texts bring jail

01:02, Jun 05 2012

A Nelson man who "bombarded" two 14-year-old girls with text messages, some of which were sexually explicit and predatory, has been jailed for 18 months.

Christopher Michael Robb, 42, was sentenced in Nelson District Court yesterday after a Nelson jury found him guilty last month of eight charges of sexual grooming.

Judge Peter Butler said Robb's offending happened in February last year and he struck up a friendship with the two 14-year-olds after meeting the first one in a fish and chip shop.

Robb quickly became a confidant and a means of transport for the two girls and he provided gifts to one girl and alcohol to both.

Judge Butler said Robb used terms of endearment and some of the messages had sexual content.

He said Robb's lawyer Tony Bamford had argued if his client had intended to engage in sexual contact with the girls that would have happened, but the jury had rejected that.


Robb had previous convictions, but none of a sexual nature.

He had 11 convictions for breaching a protection order, which Judge Butler said showed he was a "wilful person" who defied court orders.

Robb had a strong relationship with his partner and a daughter had written in support of him.

Judge Butler said the aggravating features of the case was that there were two victims and there was physical contact described as "hugging" between them.

The Nelson Mail