Bananas top list for online shoppers

21:35, Jun 11 2012

Hundreds of Nelson consumers are going bananas over online grocery shopping.

The only supermarket to offer online groceries in the region told the Nelson Mail the top 10 products bought by online shoppers were mainly fresh produce, with bananas and broccoli at the top of the list.

Progressive Enterprises, which owns Countdown supermarkets, launched online supermarket shopping at its Trafalgar St store in August last year following on from when it was first offered in the Auckland store in 1997, then rolling it out across 30 centres in the country.

Progressive Enterprises national online manager Adam Hudson said several hundred Nelson residents already bought groceries online each week, which were then delivered to their home.

The most popular products brought online, a mixture of basics and fresh produce, told him that customer shopping habits didn't change, but the way people shopped did.

The store employed about half a dozen personal shoppers to gather online shopping lists, selecting the products ordered by customers, then delivering them to their home.


As trust in the store's personal shoppers grew, so did the number of online orders, he said.

"Our dedicated personal shoppers follow customers' instructions exactly  whether it's how ripe they want their bananas, or packaging fresh food into individual portion," Mr Hudson said.

The most popular online shopping days in Nelson were Wednesday and Friday.

Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce chief executive Dot Kettle said city-based retailers were gradually offering online shopping and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to attract more customers and increase sales, recognising more people were shopping online.

Shopping online was simply a modern tool for retailers to increase knowledge of customers and better serve them, she said.

Yesterday an informal Nelson Mail poll showed about 83 per cent of readers bought products online, with 42.7 per cent saying they bought as much as possible, while 41.6 per cent purchased just a few things, and 15.7 per cent voted not at all.

The majority of reader comments were overwhelming supportive of online shopping, some saying it was better than shopping locally in Nelson because of cheaper prices and variety.

The top 10 items bought online at Countdown are:

Yellow bananas loose
Broccoli head
Rolling Meadow butter 500 grams
Homebrand milk standard 2 litre
Mandarins satsuma
Homebrand milk standard 3l
Homebrand milk litre 2l
Oak peaches in light syrup 410 g
Tip Top super soft toast bread white 700g
Bananas yellow 850g bag
Carrots 1 kilogram loose