Rebel on road to recovery

03:55, Jun 26 2012
Rebel Hana
HEADREST: Nayland College rugby player Rebel Hana recovering at home from a head injury.

A determined Rebel Hana, who suffered a head injury in a school rugby match, had extra reason to celebrate her 17th birthday yesterday after being discharged from hospital.

Rebel had been in Nelson Hospital since last Wednesday after suffering delayed concussion from a head clash during a senior girls' college rugby game in Motueka.

Rebel, who was still feeling tired and "dizzy", said yesterday she didn't remember anything of the accident, and was keen to get back on the rugby field.

"I just want to get on with it you know, stuff happens, you can't sit around crying about it."

The Nayland College house captain said she really enjoyed rugby, but would have to cool her heels for at least six weeks.

"I don't like to get special treatment; I would rather be out training. I can't wait to play again, and watch out when I come back too.


"But I'm not allowed to play unless I wear headgear so I've got to get some."

Rebel's mother Bobby Hana has raised questions over the handling of her daughter's injury, as Rebel was allowed to play on after taking the knock.

Ms Hana said she was looking forward to meeting the Tasman Rugby Union which has said the protocols for such injuries were followed correctly in Rebel's case.

Rebel said that her friend told her she didn't start showing signs of concussion until she got in the van for the ride home, so for her it was natural to keep playing.

"I don't like getting called off the field, I play full games all the time and I don't like getting subbed. I don't remember going back on, but I'm just one of those people.

"I had delayed concussion so it doesn't happen straight away."

Rebel said her Facebook account has been busy lately with lots of get-well wishes followed by happy birthday posts and she said she was touched by all the people who were concerned for her.

The usually energetic teenager spent a quiet birthday at her Stoke home.

"So many people came to visit me in hospital and my whole Facebook wall was covered in get-well wishes.

"I'm just so thankful for all my friends and family who have been there for me, especially to my friend Crystal [Stechman]. I don't remember but she was the only person who was actually looking after me when I was sick on the way back to Nelson."