Motueka's seafood pie a top taste

YUM, YUM: Bakery owner Debbie Moses with one of the shop’s award-winning scallop, bacon and onion pies.
YUM, YUM: Bakery owner Debbie Moses with one of the shop’s award-winning scallop, bacon and onion pies.

A seafood pie with a delectable creamy scallop and bacon filling encased in a light hand-made pastry has won Motueka's Rolling Pin Bakery the runner-up seafood title in the national Bakels Supreme Pie awards.

The scallop, bacon and onion pie's success came out of the blue for the first-time entrant and bakery owner Debbie Moses, who only heard of the win through friends yesterday morning.

She put the accomplishment down to the expertise of baker Campbell Heath. "He's brilliant, and a really good pastrymaker. Everything you see in this shop is handmade - we don't buy in anything."

Mr Heath said he created the winning pie formula after being given some scallops by Mrs Moses.

"I had a look on the internet and couldn't find anything and just played around until I came up with that."

He and fellow baker Graeme Krammer make about 200 pies a night - about one to two dozen of which were of the scallop variety.

"They started selling really well so we thought we might as well enter the competition. We got a highly commended so I'm pretty happy with that."

He made a few extra scallop pies last night to cater for any extra demand.

Mr Heath said his next creation would be a smoked fish pie.

Mrs Moses said they turned their attention to making a good seafood pie in March, a few months after she bought the business.

"People love them."

The winning pie was a among a range of 15 varieties of savoury pies sold by the bakery.

"The steak, bacon and mushroom pie is really popular as well, but we didn't enter that, and last year a chef from Auckland had one of our potato-topped pies and came back to tell us it was beautiful."

Mrs Moses, who bought the business on a whim last December, said the award was good recognition for the bakery.

The national awards saw 4500 pies submitted by 444 bakeries. The supreme pie award went to a gingered peach and pear with cointreau pie made by last year's supreme winning duo, Shane and Kathy Kearns, of Viands Bakery, of Kihikihi, near Te Awamutu.

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