Freeview may need a tweak

01:00, Aug 07 2012

Nelson Freeview viewers may need to retune their television or decoder box next week when the broadcast frequencies change.

The channel frequencies are changing on August 14 to free up radio spectrum for other uses and emerging technologies.

The change affects only Freeview terrestrial viewers who receive signals from the Botanical Ridge and Mt Campbell transmitters.

This week viewers will see a message pop up on their television screens prompting them to retune when the frequencies change.

Retuning can be done simply using the remote control.

The changes will not affect Sky subscribers, analogue television viewers or Freeview satellite television viewers.

Those who watch Freeview and share an aerial with others, such as in an apartment building or retirement village, should contact their property manager for advice on whether their installation requires any modification.

Managers of apartments, hotels or motels are also advised to talk to an installer before the frequencies change to see if any technical adjustments are needed.