Hone arrested again

Determined Nelson protester Lewis Stanton has been arrested again this afternoon for obstructing a public way.

It comes just two days after Stanton, also known as Hone Ma Heke, was found guilty in the Nelson District Court of obstruction on Trafalgar St.

He was arrested on the same offence today and is to appear in court after refusing to sign his bail conditions which require him to give his residential address.

Nelson Bays police area commander Steve Greally said today: ‘‘The court has drawn a line in the sand and determined his offence.  We cannot stand by and allow him to continue offending.

‘‘We are being fair.  The ball is in his court.  If he chooses to do that there will be consequences.’’

Every person in Nelson had the right to be safe and feel safe, said Mr Greally.

Anecdotal evidence showed some people did not feel safe with Stanton protesting in Trafalgar St, he said. Police were not targeting Stanton, he said.  It was a case of protecting him and the rights of other people.
‘‘It’s an unfortunate situation.’’

Mr Greally said Stanton was being held in custody because he refused to sign his bail conditions which required him to give a residential address.

‘‘We know he is living in a house, it’s up to him to give us that address,’’ said Mr Greally.

Stanton disputes that he has a residential address, claiming that his home is his horse and cart, both of which are in the possession of Nelson City Council.

Stanton would appear in court.  ‘‘Then we’ll see what happens,’’ said Mr Greally.