Third honest act in a week

01:00, Aug 15 2012

Another honest citizen has done the decent thing in Queenstown, handing in a Swedish tourist's purse containing hundreds of dollars.

It follows two other instances of good samaritans in the past week.

A Wanaka police spokeswoman said a 22-year-old Swedish woman, from Auckland, told police yesterday that her jacket, purse with $550 cash and mobile phone had been stolen on Saturday.

Yesterday, a man walked into the Queenstown police station and handed in a cellphone and a purse containing the cash. He said he found the items at 3am on Sunday as he was walking home. The jacket has not been recovered.

The honest act follows the good deed of 20-year-old Cromwell man Taylor Wyllie, who found $800 in an ATM machine during the early hours last Monday morning and handed it in to police.

The lucky Irish visitor who had stumbled away from the ATM without his money collected it from police the next day.

In another case, a Queenstown resident who found a significant amount of cash handed the money in to police.


The Nelson Mail