Migration to Aust picks up

01:00, Aug 22 2012

An increasing number of Nelson and Tasman residents are moving to Australia.

In the year to July, 900 residents left the region to move to Australia, 455 from Tasman district and 445 from Nelson city.

That's 102 more than the 798 who left in the previous year to July.

It's a trend happening across the country, with a record 53,873 people leaving New Zealand for Australia in the past year.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said it showed the Government had failed to stop the flood of New Zealanders across the Tasman.

“Over 1000 New Zealanders a week are giving up on waiting for John Key's ‘brighter future' and seeking their future in Australia instead,” said Dr Norman.


“We urgently need to give our exporters and domestic producers a fair playing field against foreign competition by fixing monetary policy, so that we can get back the 25,5000 manufacturing jobs lost under National.

“Instead, the Key Government is pinning all its hopes on mining, which has added just 600 jobs in the past four years, and cutting a dirty deal with a casino for 200 jobs.

“Young New Zealanders need jobs now, not empty promises and hare-brained schemes. Unless they get them, they will keep heading to Australia,” said Dr Norman.

CTU secretary Peter Conway said workers would stay here if there were enough jobs that paid well and provided decent conditions of work.

"That means we need to lift the minimum wage, promote industry bargaining which in Australia covers 60 per cent of the workforce compared with 18 per cent here, and boost productivity while ensuring the benefits flow to workers."


Residents moving to Australia (year to July)

Nelson: 445
Total: 900

The Nelson Mail