Drunk man entered three homes

01:03, Aug 27 2012

A drunk seasonal worker from Vanuatu who wandered into three Motueka homes, looking for somewhere to sleep, is being sent home and has been fined half his savings.

Melio Simbolo, 25, appeared in the Nelson District Court and admitted three charges of burglary and two charges of unlawfully interfering with a motor vehicle.

Prosecutor Sergeant Graeme Eden said Simbolo was working on orchards in Motueka. On the afternoon of August 4, he was drinking at a Motueka address.

Mr Eden said Simbolo left the property and walked through the unlocked door of a High St house, where he opened bedroom doors. The occupants were home, and watched as Simbolo left the house and opened a car door. He left a can of beer in the car.

Simbolo then went next door and entered another house, where the occupants were also home.

He ran off, then walked into a house in Stables St. He also tried to get into the car on the property. When confronted by the occupants, Simbolo said he was drunk and trying to hide from the police.


Duty lawyer Wayne Jones said Simbolo was working under the registered seasonal employer scheme, but would be leaving next Tuesday because of his behaviour.

It was a condition of Simbolo's contract that he not drink alcohol, Mr Jones said. He normally did not drink.

Mr Jones said the occupants of the homes Simbolo entered were stunned to see him stumbling around. He told them he was looking for somewhere to sleep.

Mr Jones said Simbolo had shamed himself and would be beaten with bamboo sticks when he went home.

He had saved $3000 since being in New Zealand, and that money would be used to assist his family.

Judge Richard Russell said he was prepared to sentence Simbolo yesterday, as Simbolo was leaving the country next Tuesday and was unlikely to return in the foreseeable future.

He ordered Simbolo to pay $600 for emotional harm to the occupants of each of two of the homes he went to, and $400 to the occupants of the third address.

The Nelson Mail