Money flows for charity

01:05, Sep 04 2012

Nelsonians were generous on Daffodil Day last week, giving more than $20,000.

Nelson Cancer Society centre manager Linda Lucre said it had been a really good day.

The final figure for money raised was not yet clear, with money still coming in from stalls, businesses and schools, she said.

But by Friday at 3pm, there was $21,000 in the bank from the Nelson stalls and sites.

Richmond had yesterday banked $11,108 and Brightwater $704.

Stoke, Motueka and Golden Bay donations were still arriving.


"Over $5000 was raised for the head shave in Richmond. There's still money coming in for that, and they're leaving [the account] open for another month."

There had also been more than $1000 raised at a stall at the Nelson Market on Saturday, Ms Lucre said.

"We'd like to thank all the volunteers and all the people who donated.

"The community are really giving, and seemed to enjoy the day."

The total amount raised would hopefully be available by the end of the week.

The Nelson Mail